Shrink Wrap

Areas where the Shrink Wrap system has been used and its suitability has been proven:

Shrink In Marine Vehicles : It is used in the wintering and transportation of yachts, sailboats, boats, speedboats, jet skis, and fishing boats, in the repair of large-tonnage ships, as well as in the storage and transportation of large-sized machines and engines (diesel ship engines, etc.).

Construction Shrink: It acts as a kind of wall to prevent the external damages of the constructed buildings and the substances that may harm the outside from the constructions. It acts as an external protector in restored buildings. It is used as a temporary roof, in order to prevent the materials used in bridges from being affected by corrosion and rust, in the transportation of portable houses, in the coating, storage and packaging of iron, steel, timber, elevators, escalators, all kinds of building materials and metal structures.

You can use it for packaging, storage and transportation of timber and all kinds of wood materials.

Greenhouse Shrink: There are greenhouse cover types, including transparent white and blue.  It has a life of 3 and 5 years.

Factory Shrink:  It can be used in the packaging, storage and transportation of iron, steel, food and beverage and all kinds of products.

Furniture Shrink: It can be used for packaging, storage and transportation of all furniture and accessories.

Automotive Shrink: It can be used for packaging of auto parts, accessories and automobiles.