Its montage is practical.  It is delivered folded so the units are easy to stack and store. Star Pack, which is the indispensable choice of industrial products due to its material and production technology, is produced in accordance with world and European standards. It provides advantages in land, sea and aircraft transportation. Thanks to the advantage of being foldable, savings of up to 78% are obtained in storage. Compared to other export crates, Star Pack provides 20% more gain in internal volume.  In terms of weight, it is 40% lighter than classical type crates. Its installation can be done easily without using materials such as nails and adze.  In this way, by minimizing the loss of time and personnel, it provides profit to your company.

  • Production can be made in the desired size and quantity in accordance with the desired tonnages.
  • Conforms to Ispm15 standards.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It is in Wba quality and is not affected by water and humidity.
  • Due to its structure, it is flexible and has high durability.
  • Your logo and product information can be written.
  • According to the need, 6 mm and 8 mm production can be made.
  • It is possible to carry with rope in small sizes when requested.