Condensation of moisture in the container is triggered due to temperature changes, day and night temperature differences during transportation (sea, highway, railway) and falls on the products as container rain. As a result of the condensation caused by high humidity, products and packaging materials suffer serious damage before the product reaches its destination, thus causing great material damage.

For example, rust on metal surfaces, technical failure due to corrosion in electronic products, mold formation, decay, deterioration in some food products cause irreversible material damage and loss of prestige. To eliminate these risks, we provide safe shipping and safe export conditions against damage with our desiccant packages and new generation container desiccant packages.

Depending on the amount of volume to be protected, our dehumidifier packages are from 5 gr. to 1000 gr. or our Container Dry dryers, whose dehumidification capacity reaches 400% by weight, are our definitive solution products for safe transportation.

Our desiccant products protect all kinds of products that can be affected by humidity such as automotive parts, electronics industry, machinery and metal industry, military ammunition and equipment, furniture, glass and food products.  Our company provides all kinds of services related to dry system packaging.