Pulse Indicators

Fall And Break Indicators
It is attached directly to the product or packages. Fall and Break Indicators (ShockWatch) detect and record impacts, faulty transport on fragile, sensitive or calibrated products.

Pulse Indicators Types

Pulse Indicators are produced as labels, clips or tubes.  You can use them to strengthen your zero-damage shipments and quality assurance system, as well as to constantly monitor your products and resolve warranty complaints.

ShockWatch Label: It is produced in 5 different sensitivities, the label color makes this distinction easier.  The label suitable for the severity that the product and the packaging can withstand is easily selected.  Activation indicates that the allowed violence has been exceeded.  Activation Levels;  They are 5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G, 100G.

TiltWatch™ : If the product on which it is adhered is tilted and turned upside down, the color becomes “red”.  TiltWatch is not affected by normal transport conditions, aircraft take-offs and landings.

TiltWatch Plus™ : This indicator has 3 separate indicators: It shows how many degrees it is tilted to the right or left, and whether it is turned upside down, provides 360-degree viewing.  TiltWatch Plus is unaffected by normal handling conditions such as download and overlay.

ShockWatch Program The application of the ShockWatch Damage Prevention Program creates a psychological impact on the people carrying your product and encourages careful handling.

Tilt Sensors (For Products to be Carried Upright)
You can prevent incorrect handling at every step of the shipment with “TiltWatch”. Activated by removing the label on the back, the TiltWatch stays on the surface to which it is adhered, thanks to its strong adhesive, and if your product or package is tilted or turned upside down, it turns “red” and draws all attention. TiltWatch Indicators are not affected by humidity and temperature.

Recording Equipment (Impact-Humidity-Temperature)
ShockWatch Shock & Temperature Recorders record shock and shock vibrations and help protect your equipment from damage.

Impact & Environmental Recorders Products


ShockLog: It can be easily programmed with 298 Windows based software, it can record 400 events with time and date during transport. With its normal operation, it continuously records the pulses above the programmed level.  (Resolution up to 2048 Hz) Optional accessory;  1 environmental indicator, 1 remote accelerometer can record remote shock and vibration.

Micro ShockLog: It can record 128 events in addition to peak values ​​at 317 programmed intervals.  Accessory, 1 humidity sensor.

Combined humidity, pressure and temperature sensor for use with optional Sensor ShockLog.  The HPT sensor is “plug and play” ShockLog compatible.